Five years later on November 11, 1926, many dignitaries returned to Kansas City to celebrate the dedication of the completed National World War I Liberty Memorial. Kansas City residents were thrilled that Queen Marie of Romania, her daughter, Princess Ileana, and her son, Prince Nicolas, traveled by train, arriving at Union Station just in time for the dedication ceremony. Queen Marie was extremely popular in Romania and throughout the world. Her popularity in her lifetime has been compared to Princess Diana in ours. During WWI, the Queen’s popularity grew enormously due to her devoted service in the Red Cross caring for wounded soldiers in military hospitals. Marie’s grandmother was England’s Queen Victoria. At age 17, Marie married Ferdinand of Romania, and was crowned Queen in 1914. The Queen and her two children were greeted at Union Station by thousands of Kansas City residents just hoping to get a glimpse of them. Upon leaving Union Station, they went directly to the memorial, and then were quickly taken to several small events around Kansas City.

They ended their tour by coming to Loose Mansion at 10:45 pm to visit their good friend, Ella Loose, who was then a widow. According to the Kansas City newspaper, Ella entertained them for about an hour in the Receiving Room on the 2nd level of the mansion, which is the room we now use to meet with our clients to plan their events. When the Queen and her children left the mansion, the newspaper reported that there were “crushing masses of people that surrounded Loose Mansion making the porches and driveways impassible.”