Jacob was a generous benefactor who started the Children’s Mercy Hospital endowment fund with $25,000 in 1913. Jacob Loose donated the incredible United States flag staff to Swope Park on July 4, 1915. For over 30 years, Ella provided new shoes and spending money for orphans at Kansas City’s Gillis Home. Jacob and Ella also gifted chimes to various local churches, and they enjoyed hearing them ring throughout the city.

The Loose’s most visible legacy is Loose Park at 52nd and Wornall Road, once the Kansas City Country Club. Mrs. Loose bought the land for $500,000 and gave it to the city in 1927 as a memorial to her husband. It continues to be one of the most beautiful parks in Kansas City, and home to many wedding ceremonies. Every year, we have couples who “tie the knot” in the park’s gorgeous Rose Garden and then head to Loose Mansion to celebrate with a gorgeous reception.

Jacob’s Last Will and Testament created the Million Dollar Charity Fund, and upon Ella’s death in September of 1945, most of their estate went to the Million Dollar Charity Fund, in spite of various lawsuits filed by relatives. This fund helped launch today’s Greater Kansas City Community Foundation and Affiliated Trusts, which still plays a significant role in the Kansas City community.