What would a mansion be without ghosts?

The legend of Loose Mansion’s ghosts has been passed down from owner to owner. The presence of ghosts was substantiated in 1985 by a professional medium who worked on the HBO film crew during the filming of the HBO movie, “Truman,” a movie about President Harry Truman. She and others involved with this project observed the ghosts a number of times as they spent many long nights in the mansion filming scenes for the movie. According to legend and the movie crew, two ghosts move about the mansion, elegantly dressed in white. They are said to descend the mansion’s grand staircase late at night, arm in arm. They love to dance in the mansion’s ballroom.

The presence of ghosts was again substantiated in October 2008 by P.A.R. Investigations, a group of professional ghost hunters, sponsored by Radio 106.5 the WOLF for a fun Halloween segment. The ghost hunters were interviewed by the morning show following a night in the mansion using high tech computer, video and sound equipment to try to capture proof. According to this group, there was evidence of ghosts. The sound tapes were particularly fascinating. After the evening in the mansion, one of the ghost hunters told the owners they believed it was Jacob Loose visiting the mansion that evening, and he does this periodically to enjoy time in his study and to check in on the current owners. They believed he was pleased with the owners and what they are doing with his mansion! Whew!

Members of the Loose Mansion staff and contractors have experienced some unexplained happenings with lights, sounds, music, a window being repeatedly open, and motion detectors going off… which we like to attribute to our fun loving ghosts. We’ve also had a few guests, including a lovely bride at the end of her reception, tell us they have seen or felt their presence.